Winter Training in Patna

winter training in patna

Winter Training In Patna


SMV Academy provides Winter Industrial Training which is especially designed by Industrial Experts. This training program will empower students with Industrial Knowledge in the related field. The winter training course content has been designed according to the current industrial needs. Winter Training Program helps students to develop practical skills during the winter-break. By the hands-on experience on live projects, the students can improve their practical skills which are missing in their regular college curriculum. Students can utilize their time efficiently by Winter Training Program.

The main objective of our winter industrial training program is to impart a quality education to students. This training will help the students to convert their theoretical and fundamental knowledge into practical with live projects. The students can innovate new ideas and explore them with their own free will and space. The winter industrial training projects will help students to visualize things before actually working on it.

As the field of technology is blooming and prospering very fast, students essentially need to be updated if they want to stay ahead in the industry. The industries are not only looking for degree & diploma holders but also the individuals with a great set of knowledge and practical skills.  Our senior industrial experts with lots of experience in Live Projects provide the students with unique methods and procedures.

Have a great learning & fun during Winter Industrial Training in Patna!

45 to 60 Days


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