Website designing Training in Patna

website designing training in patna

Website Designing In Patna

SMV Academy is one of the best centers for training on Website Designing in Patna which is demanded worldwide. Our main focus is to make you able to design and develop all types of websites so that the relative business could be viewed in the online world for better response from clients. A web designing course can enable you to create a responsive website to enhance your any commercial business. SMV Academy is an educational institution and a great place to study with highly qualified faculties who offer an excellent learning environment. You can easily learn the skills of developing all types of websites with very good designing.

A Web design includes the design principles such as contrast, rhythm, unity, lines, shapes texture, color and direction etc. A web designer creates websites by putting these all things together. For creating a beautiful and good looking website, you should join SMV Academy for best training on Web Designing Course.

SMV Academy is offering the website designing training as a reputed software training center at Patna in Bihar. The trainers in SMV Academy enable you to get high quality results by high quality web designing skills. Website designing is very essential skill for developing a good responsive website for commercial usage. If you want to start a career in the Web Industry then you must join for training by SMV Academy.

To become a well-rounded designer, you need to learn so many things such as:-

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP, ASP, ColdFusion scripting
  • XML
  • Information architecture
  • SEO
  • Server management
  • Content etc.

All the related skills related to web designing and development, you can learn in SMV Academy which is only one and the best center for all software training in Patna.

Module 1: Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML?
  •  Setting Up the Dreamweaver to Create XHTML
  •  Creating Your First HTML page
  •  Formatting and Adding Tags & Previewing in a Browser
  •  Choosing an Editor
  •  Project Management

Module 2: Working with Images

  •  Image Formats
  •  Introducing the IMG Tag
  •  Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page
  •  Detailing with Alt, Width & Height Attributes

Module 3: Designing with Tables

  •  Creating Tables on a Web Page
  •  Altering Tables and Spanning Rows & Columns
  •  Placing Images & Graphics into Tables
  •  Aligning Text & Graphics in Tables
  •  Adding a Background Color
  •  Building Pages over Tracer Images
  •  Tweaking Layouts to Create Perfect Pages

Module 4: Creating Online Forms

  •  Setting Up an Online Form
  •  Adding Radio Buttons & List Menus
  •  Creating Text Fields & Areas
  •  Setting Properties for Form Submission

Module 5: Creating HTML Documents

  •  Understanding Tags, Elements & Attributes
  •  Defining the Basic Structure with HTML, HEAD & BODY;
  •  Using Paragraph Tag to assign a Title
  •  Setting Fonts for a Web Page
  •  Creating Unordered & Ordered and Defination Lists
  •  Detailing Tags with Attributes
  •  Using Heading Tags
  •  Adding Bold & Italics
  •  Understanding How a Browser Reads HTML

Module 6: Anchors and Hyper-links

  •  Creating Hyperlinks to Outside Webs
  •  Creating Hyperlinks Between Documents
  •  Creating a link for Email Addresses
  •  Creating a link for a Specific Part of a Webpage
  •  Creating a link for a image

Module 7: Creating Layouts

  •  Adding a Side Content Div to Your Layout
  •  Applying Absolute Positioning
  •  Applying Relative Positioning
  •  Using the Float & Clear Properties
  •  Understanding Overflow
  •  Creating Auto-Centering Content
  •  Using Fixed Positioning

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Module 1: Introduction to CSS

  •  What is CSS?
  •  Internal Style Sheets, Selectors, Properties & Values
  •  Building & Applying Class Selectors
  •  Creating Comments in Your Code
  •  Understanding Class and ID
  •  Using Div Tags & IDs to Format Layout
  •  Understanding the Cascade & Avoiding Conflicts

Module 2: Creative artwork and CSS

  •  Using images in CSS
  •  Applying texture
  •  Graduated fills
  •  Round corners
  •  Transparency and semi-transparency
  •  Stretchy boxes
  •  Creative typography

Duration of this Course is 45 Days

The Course Fee of Web Designing Training is 9,000

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