Mis Training in Patna

mis training in patna

MIS (Management Information System)

  1. Computer System

Introduction to computer technology

Computer system concept

Types of computer system

Memory (Primary storage / Secondary storage / cache)

CPU (central processing unit)

Hardware (input device / output device / software and its classification)

  1. Foundation of Information system

Data & Data processing

Information system

Characteristics of information system

Need of information system in Business

Fundamental Resources of Information System

Types Of Information System (TPS,MIS,DSS,ESS) Definition

Objective of MIS

Benefits and Limitations of MIS

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & its stage.

Success and Failure of MIS

  1. Telecommunication and Networks

Networking & Enterprises

The concept of Network

The Business value of telecommunications network

Network Topology

  1. Data Resources and Management and DSS

Fundamentals of Data concept

Database Structure

Database Development

Types of Database

Foundation of Database Management

Decision Support in Business

Decision Structure

Decision Support System

Using Decision support System

  1. Business Application

Business System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Three phase of CRM

Benefits of CRM

  1. Functional Application

Introduction of Hospitality Information System

Introduction of Computer Reservation System

Point of Sale System.

  1. Advance Excel Part-
  • What is Analysis

                Goal Seek

                Data Table

  • Logical Function

If Function

Nested If

Complex If and Or Function

  • Lookup Function

V Lookup/ H Lookup

Index and Match

Nested V lookup

  • Pivot Table  

Create simple pivot table

Basic and advance value field setting

Classic Pivot table

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