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apps training in patna

Android Apps Development Training In Patna

Android Apps Development Training in Patna allows aspirants to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills to perform tasks as a mobile developer. By this training, the developers can earn a very good recognition in the industry and promote themselves to relevant employers and projects. Now-a-days most of the students are searching for ANDROID APPS DEVELOPMENT Training institution in Patna because they can easily and quickly make their career with this profile. ANDROID APPS DEVELOPMENT is one of the most useful courses in such a situation of un-employment India. SMV ACADEMY is the best ANDROID APPS DEVELOPMENT Training institution in Patna. SMV ACADEMY is a great educational institution to study with highly qualified and experienced faculties. The ANDROID APPS DEVELOPMENT trainers in SMV ACADEMY offer an excellent learning environment. SMV ACADEMY provides the best quality training to all the students who want to make their career in IT, management or any professional field. SMV ACADEMY has been helping many candidates to get into top multi-national companies in software development, networking, database management and many other fields. SMV ACADEMY is one of the best educational institutions in Patna that provide training for all subjects of BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA courses of all Universities. SMV ACADEMY have got expertise in doing Project Works and dedicated to do the overall development of the students. We also provide various IT enabled solutions & services. Our faculties enable the students to develop knowledge and confidence in order to become world class professional. We motivate and promote the students of Bihar in becoming the world class skilled professionals in these sectors.

Module 1: Android Apps Overview and History

  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Why Android is different and important.
  • Android Overview.

Module 2: Android Stack

  • Overview of the stack.
  • Linux kernel.
  • Native libraries.
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine.
  • App framework.
  • Applications.

Module 3: SDK Overview

  •  Platforms.
  •  Tools.
  •  Versions.
  •  Installation.
  •  Architecture.

Module 4: Hello World App

  • Creating your first project.
  • The manifest file.
  • Layout resource.
  • Running your app on Emulator.

Module 5: Main Building Blocks

  • Activities.
  • Activity lifecycle.
  • Intents.
  • Services.
  • Broadcast Receivers.
  • Content Providers.

Module 6: Intent Filters

  • Role of filters.
  • Filters in your manifest.
  • Filters in dynamic BroadcastReceivers.

Module 7: Basic Android User Interface

  • Ways of UI creation.
  • Views and layouts.
  • Common UI components.
  • Handling user events.
  • Types of Resources.
  • Accessing Resources in xml and Java.
  • Internationalization in Android.

Module 8: Advanced UI Components

  • Selection components.
  • Complex UI components.
  • Menus and Dialogs.
  • Adapters.
  • Animations.
  • TweenAnimation.
  • FrameAnimation.
  • FrameAnimation with Audio.

Module 9: Fragments

  •  Working with Fragments

Module 10: Adapters

  • Base Adapter.
  • Array Adapter.

Module 11: Android system Overview

  • File System.
  • Preferences.
  • Notifications.
  • Security mode.
  • Android Application Debugging.

Duration of this Course is 60 Days

The Course Fee of Android App Training is 16,000

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